Following is the list of accepted papers for HPG 2017. Please note that the titles and authors are subject to change during the next few weeks.

Topic: Real-Time Ray Tracing and Image Reconstruction

  • Interactive Stable Ray Tracing
    Dal Corso Alessandro, Salvi Marco, Kolb Craig, Frisvad Jeppe Revall, Lefohn Aaron, Luebke David
  • Spatiotemporal Variance-Guided Filtering: Real-Time Reconstruction for Path Traced Global Illumination
    Schied Christoph, Kaplanyan Anton S., Wyman Chris, Patney Anjul, Alla Chaitanya Chakravarty Reddy, Burgess John, Liu Shiqiu, Dachsbacher Carsten, Lefohn Aaron, Salvi Marco
  • Towards Stable Real-Time Path Tracing: An efficient denoising algorithm for global illumination
    Mara Michael, McGuire Morgan, Bitterli Benedikt, Wojciech Jarosz

Topic: Ray Traversal and Intersection

  • Efficient Incoherent Ray Traversal on GPUs Through Compressed Wide BVHs
    Ylitie Henri, Karras Tero, Laine Samuli
  • Exploiting Budan-Fourier and Vincent’s Theorems for Ray Tracing 3D BĂ©zier Curves
    Reshetov Alexander, Luebke David
  • Accelerated Single Ray Tracing for Wide Vector Units
    Fuetterling Valentin, Lojewski Carsten, Hamann Bernd, Ebert Achim

Topic: Acceleration Structures for Ray Tracing

  • Improved Two-Level BVHs Using Partial Re-Braiding
    Benthin Carsten, Woop Sven, Wald Ingo, Afra Attila
  • STBVH: A Spatial-Temporal BVH for Efficient Multi-Segment Motion Blur
    Woop Sven, Afra Attila, Benthin Carsten
  • Extended Morton Codes for High Performance Bounding Volume Hierarchy Construction
    Vinkler Marek, Bittner Jiri, Havran Vlastimil

Topic: Ray Tracing for Production Assets

  • Vectorized Production Path Tracing
    Lee Mark, Green Brian, Xie Feng, Tabellion Eric
  • Timeline Scheduling for Out-of-Core Ray Batching
    Son Myungbae, Yoon Sungeui

Topic: Specialized Hardware Architectures

  • Dual Streaming for Hardware-Accelerated Ray Tracing
    Shkurko Konstantin, Grant Tim, Kopta Daniel, Mallett Ian, Yuksel Cem, Brunvand Erik
  • A Hardware-Friendly Bilateral Solver Accelerator for Real-Time Virtual Reality Video
    Mazumdar Amrita, Alaghi Armin, Barron Jon, Gallup David, Ceze Luis, Oskin Mark, Seitz Steven
  • Effective Static Bin Patterns for Sort-Middle Rendering
    Kerbl Bernhard, Kenzel Michael, Schmalstieg Dieter, Steinberger Markus

Topic: Real Time Graphics Techniques

  • Non-Linearly Quantized Moment Shadow Maps
    Peters, Christoph
  • Fast Maximal Poisson-Disk Sampling by Randomized Tiling
    Wang Tong, Suda Reiji
  • Mesh Color Textures
    Yuksel, Cem
  • Hierarchical Multi-Layer Screen-Space Ray Tracing
    Hofmann Nikolai, Bogendörfer Phillip, Stamminger Marc, Selgrad Kai