High Performance Graphics 2019

Strasbourg | July 8-10, 2019

Diversity Scholarship

Please note that application is closed for this HPG!


High-Performance Graphics, in league with Facebook Reality Labs, is introducing a new student scholarship program for funding travel and expenses to attend the HPG 2019 conference, to a select group of students from underrepresented groups working in graphics and related research areas. Our program provides travel and registration scholarships to HPG, being held in beautiful Strasbourg, France, July 8th-10th.

We invite recipients of scholarships to present a research poster describing new work in computer graphics. This will yield you some visibility, and the opportunity to receive valuable feedback and encouragement. Please consider this opportunity, and see the posters section in our CFP. Please note that the poster deadlines do not apply for diversity students, we will accept student posters coming from the diversity program after the official poster deadline.

Program Information

We aim to fund junior students, broadly in high-performance computer graphics and related research areas (high-performance computer vision, machine learning, compiler and language technology). Eligible students are Ph.D. students in the first few years of their program, strong master’s students, and strong undergraduate students who are genuinely interested in research. We offer three scholarship tiers:

  • Full scholarships – 3,500 dollars reimbursement of eligible travel expenses
  • Half scholarships – 1,750 dollars reimbursement of eligible travel expenses
  • Registration scholarships – Free registration to the conference (ideal for students local to the Strasbourg region).

Eligible expenses include air or ground transportation, meals, and hotel or other lodging costs. In order to be fully reimbursed the attendee must register for the conference (select the ‘Diversity scholarship’ category during Step 1), check in, and attend the entire conference (to the best of their ability), a special introduction and lunch event for scholarship recipients.


The application process will be a bit informal as this is our first year implementing the program. If you qualify as a member of an underrepresented group, please consider applying! We define underrepresented loosely as including, but not limited to, race/ethnicity, gender, disability status, nationality, and socioeconomic background.

We ask that you submit the following information to diversity@highperformancegraphics.org. Submission is now closed. Application material requirements are described below. Documents should be Word compatible or PDF.


Requirement 1: Identification and Benefits

Please answer the following three questions in one ~500 word essay.

  1. In what way do you associate with an underrepresented group?
  2. What academic and/or professional benefits do you hope to receive from this scholarship?
  3. What do you hope to or believe you can contribute to the high-performance graphics community?

Please be as specific as possible in your answers. However, we understand these are somewhat open ended questions.

Requirement 2: Experiences with Computer Graphics

Please provide a brief ~500 word write up describing your work in computer graphics and related fields. Provide a brief (few sentences) synopsis of each of your projects, preferably research projects, or ideas. These can be past, current, or future. Please also mention and submit copies of any publications, patents, tech reports, etc. that will help us evaluate the applicability of your work.

Please be as specific as possible in your project descriptions, while remaining concise.

Requirement 3: CV

Please simply provide an up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae.


Please send all the following to the HPG diversity chair at diversity@highperformancegraphics.org.

  • Full Name.
  • Contact email address.
  • Address traveling from, to HPG.
  • University or institution enrolled.
  • Program enrolled in (Ph.D, Masters, and Undergrad)
  • All application materials, i.e., both essays, curriculum vitae, and PDF or Word copies of any publications not specifiable via links.

Recipient information

All applicants are competing for all scholarships by default. If only one type is acceptable or desired, e.g. registration scholarship only, please make that clear in the submission email. We repeat, for clarity, this scholarship is reimbursement based. We guarantee reimbursement of all eligible expenses, up the limit of the scholarship received, in as timely a manner as possible.

We wish you all luck and success in your future careers, studies, research and development ventures.

Apollo Isaac Orion Ellis
HPG 2019 Diversity Chair

David McAllister
HPG 2019 General Chair

Richard Membarth
HPG 2019 General Chair