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We are now trying to collect the second and third place winners for each year. If you have information on those for past conferences, please get in touch with any member of the current organizing committee.

HPG 2011
  1. High-Performance Software Rasterization on GPUs
    Samuli Laine, Tero Karras
  2. Adaptive Transparency
    Marco Salvi, Jefferson Montgomery, Aaron Lefohn
  3. Voxelized Shadow Volumes
    Chris Wyman
HPG 2010
  1. Ambient Occlusion Volumes
    Morgan McGuire
  2. Real-time Stochastic Rasterization on Conventional GPU Architectures
    Morgan McGuire, Eric Enderton, Peter Shirley, David Luebke
  3. Edge Avoiding A-Torus Wavelet Transform for Fast Global Illumination Filtering
    Holger Dammertz, Daniel Sewtz, Johannes Hanika, Hendrik Lensch
HPG 2009
  1. Data-Parallel Rasterization of Micropolygons with Defocus and Motion Blur
    Kayvon Fatahalian, Edward Luong, Solomon Boulos, Kurt Akeley, William R. Mark, Pat Hanrahan
  2. Hardware-Accelerated Global Illumination by Image Space Photon Mapping
    Morgan McGuire and David Luebke
GH 2008
  1. A Hardware Processing Unit for Point Sets
    Simon Heinzle, Gael Guennebaud, Mario Botsch, and Markus Gross
  2. Floating-Point Buffer Compression in a Unified Codec Architecture
    Jacob Strom, Per Wennersten, Jim Rasmusson, Jon Hasselgren, Jacob Munkberg, Petrik Clarberg, Tomas Akenine-Möller
  3. Coherent Layer Peeling for Transparent High-Depth-Complexity Scenes
    Nathan Carr, Radomir Mech, Gavin Miller
    Non-Uniform Fractional Tessellation
    Jacob Munkberg, Jon Hasselgren, Tomas Akenine-Möller
GH 2007
Scan Primitives for GPU Computing
Shubhabrata Sengupta, Mark Harris, Yao Zhang, John D. Owens

GH 2006
B-KD Trees for Hardware Accelerated Ray Tracing of Dynamic Scenes
Sven Woop, Gerd Marmitt, Philipp Slusallek

GH 2005
iPACKMAN: High-Quality, Low-Complexity Texture Compression for Mobile Phones
Jacob Ström, Tomas Akenine-Möller

GH 2004
Silhouette Maps for Improved Texture Magnification
Pradeep Sen

GH 2003
  1. Photon Mapping on Programmable Graphics Hardware
    Timothy J. Purcell, Craig Donner, Mike Cammarano, Henrik Wann Jensen, Pat Hanrahan
  2. Texture Compression using Low-Frequency Signal Modulation
    Simon Fenney
Efficient Partitioning of Fragment Shaders for Multipass Rendering on Programmable Graphics Hardware
Eric Chan, Ren Ng, Pradeep Sen, Kekoa Proudfoot, Pat Hanrahan

GH 2001
High-Quality Pre-Integrated Volume Rendering Using Hardware-Accelerated Pixel Shading
Klaus Engel, Martin Kraus, Thomas Ertl

GH 2000
Interactive Volume Rendering on Standard PC Graphics Hardware Using Multi-Textures and Multi-Stage Rasterization
C. Rezk-Salama, K. Engel, M. Bauer, G. Greiner, T. Ertl

GH 1999
Z3: An Economical Hardware Technique for High-Quality Antialiasing and Transparency
Norm P. Jouppi, Chun-Fa Chang

GH 1998
Neon: A Single-Chip 3D Workstation Graphics Accelerator
Joel McCormack, Robert McNamara, Chris Gianos, Larry Seiler, Norman Jouppi, Ken Correll

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